A Home for Stripe

Hey everyone, say hello to Stripe!


Hello, world!

Isn’t he adorable??


Indeed, I am! Not forgetting handsome, too!

No, no.. I haven’t added another bunny to the household LOL. I’m helping Stripe’s humans find him a new home.

Stripe’s humans are leaving Malaysia soon and would like to rehome him by 1st December 2009. If you have space in your home and heart for this charming little guy, leave a comment or drop me an email (furrybutts@hotmail.com) and I’ll put you in touch with Stripe’s humans. If you’re not able to take Stripe in, but know of someone else who could, please help me pass the news along.

Here’s more information on Stripe:

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Gender: Male

Age: 3.5 years old

Litter habits: Excellent

Neutered: No

Current housing arrangement: Free range, single bunny

Possessions: Cage, carry bag, collar, lead & brush (You’ll get all these when you adopt Stripe!)

Adoption fee: None – All Stripe’s humans ask in return is that Stripe be offered a good home where he’ll be well taken care of and loved 😀

* Update: Stripe goes to his new home today (7 Dec ’09). May he be spoilt rotten by his new family!


Blog Break

Hi All,

Sorry for the long silence. Things have been a little chaotic here lately, but the bunnies are fine and so are their photos, phew! The computer isn’t doing so great though.. seems there’s quite a bit of fur inside the CPU (gee, I wonder where all that fur came from!), which led to the premature demise of certain components.

I’m going to take a break from blogging while the dust settles. Meanwhile, I’ll be catching up with all my favourite blogs.. barely had any time for blog-visits earlier.

Wishing all humans and bunnies well,

~ S ~

Wasn’t Me


I've been here the whole time. Shredding the magazines you haven't finished reading. Honest!

Yea, Yohji’s telling the truth this time. That’s just an old photo of him which I uploaded onto the blog but never got around to posting it up. He had nothing to do with what happened.. I think..

The computer I’ve been using at home has given up on me. I hope and pray it’s the motherboard! Please let the hard disk be safe, ALL my photos are there! I’ve been wanting to get an external hard disk drive to back up my photos.. ‘wanting’ being the operational word. Didn’t make an effort to actually buy it. Lesson learned! No more procrastinating from now on.

I’ll be back once we get the computer sorted out…

Remembering Hans

First off, thank you to everyone who left comments in my last post. Your kind, supportive words offered comfort at a very sad time. I had no idea Hans was so well loved by people all around the world until your comments came pouring in.

And today, today I was touched beyond words when I found out that my bunny-blogger friends (and even some cat-bloggers, too) are honoring the memory of Hans with ‘Furry Butts Fursday’ posts, filled with furrybutt-shots of their bunnies and cats. You’re such amazing people for planning this. It was a wonderful surprise and it means a lot to me. Hans must be beaming with pride at the Bridge. Thanks for being there and for cheering us up!

Hans is the first pet we’ve lost and that made it all the more difficult. I’ve been trying to understand what happened to make him leave so suddenly. He was being treated with bicillin (a combination of procaine penicillin and benzathine penicillin) for his abscess. The use of bicillin in rabbits is explained in detail in this article.

I started corresponding with the author of the article around the time Hans began treatment. When Hans left, I was wracked with guilt thinking that  it had something to do with how I gave the injection. I was afraid that I had injected the drug into an artery. However, the author assured me that it wasn’t possible to hit an artery when giving subcutaneous injections as there are only tiny capillaries supplying blood to the skin. An allergic reaction to the drug was also unlikely as it would result in a more violent reaction and would take a little more time to occur. Everything happened very quickly with Hans, it was over in just a minute or so after the injection and it wasn’t at all violent.

I also discussed this in the Rabbits Online Forum, where some of the members suggested that maybe there was something else going on inside of Hans which I couldn’t detect. I know I’ll never be able to tell exactly why Hans left so unexpectedly. I’m going to stop asking questions and from now on, I’m just going cherish the memories he left behind.

Sorting through old photos, I found these:


Even as a baby, Hans had a distinctive style of his own. He liked to lie with his hands stretched out and apart, looking like he owned the world. I don’t know about the world, but he sure owned my heart.


Hans had a funny way of loafing too, with his hind legs pushed way to the front and sticking out at the sides of his chest:


He may have been a tiny bun, but Hans had the appetite of a giant:


He was always munching away, more so than any other bun in the apartment. He loved his Oxbow BBT pellets and he loved loved loved his alfalfa hay:


Hans had just recently mastered the art of begging for treats. He’d stand up on his hind legs each time I went near him and he’d follow me around, sniffing the air excitedly and bouncing everywhere. It was impossible to say no to him. His excitement was highly contagious and always made me laugh. In the end, I’d get suckered into giving him some oats. Every time.

Hans liked exploring our room:


His favourite spot in the room was inside his tunnel:


My favourite part was listening to his little feet scampering around in the middle of the night, knowing that he was having a good time binkying away.

Occasionally, Hans would get into a pensive mood:


One wonders what a bunny has to be pensive about..


.. but Hans would never reveal the deep thoughts which only bunnies are capable of thinking:


He was also an ever willing model for furrybutt-shots:



Above all else, I’ll always remember him as the sweetest, most loving bunny. Hans enjoyed human contact, he  loved getting his ears rubbed and his jaw scratched:

He’d keep still for as long as we kept petting him, teeth grinding softly a mile a minute, enjoying us fussing over him. I used to pet him until he fell asleep. I could tell that he was asleep because his pupils would contract significantly and his little nose stops twitching.

This is the very last photo I took of Hans:


I miss that face every single day…


Binky free, little guy. You were a special one and I’m glad to have shared life with you, even if it was for just a very short while.

Goodbye Hans

Hans has left us.

I can’t begin to describe how much it hurts. I can’t believe my baby boy is gone.

I gave him his injection. A few seconds later, he went limp, let out a few soft breaths, shuddered a little and then he was gone. The injection went as usual, he didn’t flinch, didn’t feel a thing. But then it made him leave us. I don’t know what went wrong but it has to be something to do with the injection. I’m so sorry, Hans. .

We love you so very much and always will. Rest in peace sweetheart.


Hans, forever and ever in our hearts

Hair Affair

Bailey’s hair seems to have a mind of its own and constantly rearranges itself  in different styles.

Here, Bailey wears his hair swept to the left. Very sleek and neat:


Here, there’s a wavy trail from the top of his head down to his nose. Reminds me of photos of winding pathways in the countryside:


The bunny version of a cowlick (bunlick?):


A diamond on his forehead:


King for the day! Look at the cute little crown, LOL:


Rebellious punky hairdo, although his face is one of pure innocence:


I think Bailey has the most interesting head of hair.. his ever-changing hair style never ceases to amuse me!

Also, I’m not sure who nominated us for the Blog of the Day Award, but I’d like to say ‘Thank You!’ to the person or bunny responsible 🙂


Yohji hasn’t made an appearance on this blog lately. I asked him to show me some action, give me some nice photos to put up.. but he had other ideas:


All he wanted to do was s-l-e-e-e-e-p:


I left him for a while, thinking that he’d be up and about soon. But when I went back to check on him, this was what I found!


That’s some hard core floppage! I’ve seen lots of bunny floppage but Yohji hardly flops and he did it so well, he really gave me a shock! Turns out he was just very comfortably asleep:


All curled up inside his fiddlestick-tunnel:


He’s usually a very light sleeper, waking up at the slightest noise. But this time he was flat out. Makes me wonder if he was up to no good earlier.. only top secret shady bunny projects can cause a bun to be so very exhausted!


He moved a little, but only to change sleeping positions:


Finally, he woke up. I gave him nose rubs, massaged the base of his ears, ruffled that soft patch of fur at the nape of his neck..


.. nothing worked. He spilled no beans about no shady bunny project. Look at how firmly he’s holding his little mouth shut! Worrying, isn’t it? I should brace myself for some form of devastation around the apartment..

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